Honduras  2002
In 2002, RaPo worked with local solidarity activist group, La Voz de los de Abajo, to set up a station with the National Center for Rural Workers (CNTC in spanish) in Honduras.  The station was named Radio Realidad.  Several solidarity trips have been made by RaPo members since 2002 in support of the station and the CNTC.

RaPo made a follow-up trip in 2010 following the coup, visiting several community radio stations and providing additional equipment and training to the Radio Realidad team.

Radio Realidad changed its name to Radio Suyuguare- the Lenca name for the community. RaPo visited the station, bringing equipment and providing hands-on training.

Radio Suyuguare is close to receiving its license as a low-power FM community station. RaPo again visited, bringing a new transmitter, other equipment and provided several days of training. 


 In March of 2004, RaPo set up a radio station in Mulukukú, a rural municipality located on the border of the North and South Atlantic Autonomous Regions of Nicaragua.  RaPo members and friends of RaPo have made multiple trips to support the station since 2003.

The latest trip to Radio Mulukuku was made in 2012.  The focus was further training of the station's core programming team on audio editing and program production.

Mexico 2003
2003, RaPo worked with CulturArte, a youth-run Zapotec language radio, art and culture project based in Juchitan, a Oaxacan community in southern Mexico.
Ecuador 2005
2005, RaPo travelled to Salasaca, Ecuador to set up Radio Haelli, a Quichua language radio station project of Fundacion Taiwari.
Bolivia 2007
In 2007, RaPo worked with long-time friends Teatro Trono to set up a radio station in the high altitude city of El Alto, Bolivia.